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In the late 1800s, Charles Nordhoff forged the shape of modern journalism and profoundly influenced both politicians and politics. Principled, activist, investigative, and a champion of the disenfranchised and poor, he was more interested in character and results than in personality and credit. And like the blacksmith wielding his hammer, he left us the tangible products of his labors, but few details of himself.

With superb research, illuminating insights, and eloquent prose, Carol Frost brings Nordhoff vividly to life: both the man and his extraordinary impacts on politics, journalism, government, and public discourse—impacts that are still defining public life today.

Journalists, historians, and activists will find context and inspiration in this captivating and previously untold story, a story that in many important ways feels like it was written about the events and debates of our own time rather than those of more than 100 years ago.

About the Author

Carol Jean Frost's early passion for reading and history took her to graduate studies at Brown University where she discovered Charles Nordhoff, an influential journalist and activist of the late 1800s. In spite of myriad debilitating health problems, she conducted extensive research and family interviews, earned her PhD in American Civilization, and created this remarkable and important volume.

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6 x 9 inches; 408 pages; ISBN 978-1-52458-610-2

 Carol Jean Frost

Carol Jean Frost